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Welcome to the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit

Current crime statistics reveal that a mobile telephone is stolen
in about half of all street crime and in approximately a third of
cases it is the only property stolen.

In response, The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) was officially launched in December 2003.

Our main aim is to reduce street crime and the number of mobile phones stolen during these offences by tackling those involved in Mobile Phone criminality; principally the handlers, re-programmers and exporters of stolen mobile phones.

Working in partnership with the Government, the Telecomms Industry, other Law Enforcement Agencies and the Media, the NMPCU intends to disrupt and reduce the opportunity for theft of mobile phones and address the false reporting of mobile phone crime.

The priority areas for the NMPCU’s 2009/2010 Strategy are:

  • Identify, Develop and Disseminate National Intelligence for Mobile Phone Criminality
  • Provide Ongoing Threat Assessments of New and Emerging Mobile Phone Technologies
  • Develop Tactics to Support the Investigation of Serious Violent and Acquisitive Crime
  • Identify Areas for Improvement and Intervention and Make Recommendations to National Partners, in Respect of the National Mobile Phone Register (NMPR) and the Handset Blocking Process
  • Identify, Initiate and Support Enforcement Activities against Exporters of Stolen Mobile Phones

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