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National Policy Statements (NPS)

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National Policy Statements for energy infrastructure

The Government wants a planning system for major infrastructure which is rapid, predictable and accountable. Planning decisions should be taken within a clear policy framework making these decisions as transparent as possible. The energy National Policy Statements (NPSs) will be a blueprint for decision-making on individual applications for development consent for nationally significant energy infrastructure.

Between November 2009 and February 2010, the previous Government consulted on six draft energy NPSs:

  • Overarching Energy NPS
  • Fossil Fuel Electricity Generating Infrastructure NPS
  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure NPS
  • Gas Supply Infrastructure & Gas and Oil Pipelines NPS
  • Electricity Networks Infrastructure NPS
  • Nuclear Power Generation NPS

Having considered responses to the consultation and the outputs of the Parliamentary scrutiny process, the Government made changes to the draft energy NPSs and their accompanying documents. A second consultation on the revised draft NPSs was conducted between 18th October 2010 and 24th January 2011. The consultation document, revised draft NPSs and other related material can be accessed at Energy National Policy Statements (NPS) consultation.

The Government is now considering the responses received during the second consultation and, subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, intends to finalise and formally approve the energy National Policy Statements in Spring 2011. The Government response to the consultation and the final NPS documents will be published here.

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