Guidance for employees

It's important to remember that disabled people, whatever disability they have, should be judged on their achievements and given the same opportunities as everyone else.

This page includes guidance for disabled employees in the Civil Service, and those who work with people with disabilities.

Last updated - 9th December 2008

If you have a disability:
  • Remember that the Civil Service is committed to ensuring that everyone meets their potential and will make reasonable adjustments, where necessary, to help you do so.
  • If you tell anyone about your disability in confidence, this will remain confidential
  • By telling your manager about your disability, they can ensure you receive any assistance you need to work effectively and on equal terms with colleagues.
  • Never assume that nothing can be done to help you.
  • Familiarise yourself with the available workplace support and the scope of the latest disability legislation.

If you work with someone who has a disability:

  • Ask them how they prefer to work, and how you can best work together.
  • Offer your support and friendship - this can break down any barriers.
  • Never make assumptions about a person's ability based on an uninformed judgement of them - take time to find out what they are comfortable doing, and when they might need assistance.
  • Be aware of the types of issues that people with disabilities can face - for example, people's wrong assumptions about their abilities, accessibility to buildings and information - and the possible effects that a disability may have on someone at work.

Useful links

Below you can find links to organisations that support disabled people.