Alternative approaches to capacity building - learning from the public and private sectors

Examining alternative practices in capacity building

This study aims to examine alternative practices in capacity building found in the public and private sector and to examine how these can be used to benefit third sector organisations.

The study examines a range of approaches to capacity building in the private and public sectors, drawing on existing literature, key informant interviews and eight case studies.

It provides lessons learnt from the private and public sectors, identifies key issues and considers how these practices can be adapted for the third sector context.

Matt Leach, Chief Executive of Capacitybuilders said:

"We know that the third sector is having a difficult time in this recession. 78% of service providers have experienced an overall increase in demand for their services, 14% of these believe they are coping ‘not very well’ or ‘not very well at all’ and 29% are considering cutting staff. It is in light of this that Capacitybuilders is helping third sector support providers through the recession with programmes such as the Resilience Fund and the Modernisation Fund Grants programme. However, we want to know what more can be done to help third sector organisations through these tough times."

Best practice case studies identified
The research identified a range of case studies where best practice between the sectors could be shared.

More information on this research is available on the Improving Support website.