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The Sustainable Arable LINK Programme

Delivering Sustainable Solutions for the Arable Industry

Following the announcement on 13th October 2009, establishing a new Innovation Platform for Sustainable Agriculture and Food under the Technology Strategy Board (,) the Sustainable Arable LINK programme is now closed to new applications.

Established in 1997, the Sustainable Arable LINK Programme facilitates Government financial support of the arable sector's own research efforts. Government sponsors include Defra, the Scottish Executive, Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD) and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

Defra is the lead Government sponsor and is responsible for the running of the Programme, including management of its Secretariat. It also provides a Programme Coordinator whose role is to advise industrial and research partners during the development of concept notes and proposals to be put to a Programme Management Committee (PMC). The PMC advises on the management of the programme and on appraisal of projects.

Purpose of the Programme

Grants are awarded to consortia of industry and academia delivering high quality pre-commercial research for their members to further the sustainable development of the UK Arable Industry. Government policy supports sustainable development to deliver a better quality of life for everyone now and for future generations. This is pursued through social progress, effective protection of the environment, prudent use of natural resources, and maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment. In relation to food and farming, Government Sponsors seek to ensure that consumers benefit from competitive and sustainable supply chains that operate to high standards of safety and environmental care.

The Sustainable Arable LINK Programme seeks to:
  • improve the resource productivity of the UK arable industry

  • promote sustainable, diverse, modern and adaptable farming

  • improve the rural economy

  • lessen adverse environmental impacts of the arable sector

  • enhance biodiversity and the rural environment
Click here for more on the current Programme's research and technical objectives covering the key areas of the Programme's research and development.

Application Guidance for Sustainable Arable LINK Programme is available online. Criteria used in the evaluation of proposed projects are also listed on the above link.

Should you have any additional queries or discuss new concepts and projects please contact Peter Street ( ) but for all other communication regarding ongoing projects or the programme should be directed to the Programme Administrator
( Tel 0207 2384280)

Programme Application Deadlines
Deadlines for receipt of concept notes and proposals for consideration by the PMC.

5 June 2008 for PMC 42 (1 July 2008)
27 October 2008 for PMC 43 (25 November 2008)
03 March 2009 for PMC 44 (31 March 2009)
09 June 2009 for PMC 45 (07 July 2009)
23 October 2009 for PMC 46 (24 November 2009)
25 February 2010 for PMC 47 (30 March 2010)

Articles on projects in the Sustainable Arable LINK Programme are featured in "Agriculture LINK", the newsletter covering the Sustainable Arable, Sustainable Livestock Production and Horticulture LINK Programmes.

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