Public registers

The Environment Agency issues permits for industry, business and individuals to carry out certain activities that have the potential to pollute the environment.

When we receive an application for such a permit, we make that application and other relevant information available to the public. We do this before we make the decision of whether to issue the permit, or what conditions we will attach to it.

After any permit is issued, further information is also made available on the registers. This can typically include monitoring information, details of any breaches of the terms of the permit, any enforcement actions that we have carried out and any applications to vary the terms of the permit.

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Environmental Permitting Regulations

The latest Environmental Permitting Regulations, that came into force in April 2010 now combine the previous Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) regulations, Waste Management Licensing, Water Discharge consenting, Groundwater consenting and Radioactive Substances Regulation. These changes will make the regulations more effective and less of a burden on business.

Commercial use

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