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UK international assistance

Allocation of EU structural funds, 2007 and 2013

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Source: BIS

  • Information on regional contributions to official development assistance given by the UK to overseas projects as presented in national indicator 67 is not available since the assistance is provided by central government.
  • Instead this regional indicator shows assistance received by England in the form of European Union structural funds for the regions, which has been allocated for the period 2007-2013. Structural funding is targeted at regions suffering from structural difficulties, regional unemployment and skills needs.
  • EU structural funds on a national level were £919.3 million in 2007 and will fall to £770.7 million in 2013, representing a fall of approximately 16% over this period. Funding will be cut in the North West (£238 million in 2007 falling to £127.2 million in 2013) and Yorkshire and Humber (£189.9 million in 2007 falling to £89.9 million in 2013). The significant fall in funding for these two regions outweigh the small increases that will occur over the other 7 regions.

Updated: 25 February 2010