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Childhood obesity

Prevalence of obesity in 2-15 year olds, 2008


Source: The Health Survey for England 2008, The NHS Information Centre

  • In 2008, 17 per cent of boys and 15 per cent of girls (2 to 15 year-olds) were classed as obese in England.
  • At the regional level (Strategic Health Authority) the prevalence of obesity varied from 14 to 19 per cent for boys and 11 to 20 per cent for girls.
  • Prevalence of obesity appears lower in the South East Coast, South Central and the South West than in other Strategic Health Authority areas in England.
  • Obesity prevalence was calculated using the UK National BMI percentile classification system, using the 95th BMI percentile as the cut-off for obesity. Obesity data are weighted to adjust for the probability of selection.

Updated: 25 February 2010