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Land recycling

New dwellings built on previously developed land or through conversions, 2003 and 2008


Source: CLG

  • In 2008 on a provisional estimate London had the greatest proportion of dwellings (including conversions) built on previously-developed land (95 per cent) whereas the East of England had the smallest proportion (68 per cent).
  • Compared with 2003, every region except London showed an increase in the proportion of dwellings (including conversions) built on previously-developed land.  The North East had the largest increase (16 percentage points), followed by Yorkshire and the Humber, and West Midlands (13 percentage points each) whilst London had a decrease of 1 percentage point.
  • These statistics are based on changes in land use recorded for the Department for Communities and Local Government by Ordnance Survey during their map revision work between 1985 and September 2009 and are consistent with the Land Use Change Statistics published on 28th January 2010. They relate to the new and previous uses of the land. There is a time-lag between a land use change occurring and it being recorded. Thus, figures are liable to revision. This means that the data for each year are, in due course, very comprehensive.



Updated: 25 February 2010