Appeals and directions


Pollution control decisions by regulators can be appealed against by operators receiving those decisions.  All appeal decisions since 2006 are listed below.  Click on the link to access the appeal decision letters.  The appeal procedures are described on Planning Inspectorate website and the General Guidance Manual.

Appellant Regulator Issue Decision
C+G Concrete (PDF 140 KB) W Lindsey DC refusal of application re blending etc of bulk cement allowed, 14/7/06
RJ Compton & Sons (PDF 80 KB) W Wiltshire DC non-determination of application for rendering dismissed, 24/1/07
S Staffs Protective Coatings (PDF 75 KB) Dudley MBC permit conditions dismissed, 27/4/07
Rockware (later Ardagh) Glass (PDF 100 KB) Doncaster MBC 1.    permit condition2.    permit condition part allowed 27/11/07 dismissed
John Clarke Farms (PDF 440 KB) MidSuffolk DC refusal of rendering permit allowed, 19/6/08
Micro Metalsmiths Ltd (PDF 130 KB) Ryedale District Council against a condition in a variation notice dismissed in relation to the wording of the variation but allowed in reference to the operational date, 26/08/10
Farrar Mills (PDF 170 KB) Calderdale MBC Refusal of permit dismissed, 14/02/11


The Secretary of State can formally direct regulators.  The following directions were issued to local authorities under the Environmental Permitting Regulations

Directions can also be made under regulation 33 of the EP Regulations to transfer the regulatory duties from the Environment Agency to the relevant local authority or vice versa.

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