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  1. 1. What is Improving Support?

    Improving Support provides ways for support providers to find and share resources, connect and learn.

  2. 2. Who manages Improving Support?

    Improving Support website and magazine were set up and are facilitated by Capacitybuilders as a key element of its commitment to promote shared learning and best practice to improve the quality of support and advice provided to civil society organisations.

    Anyone involved in supporting social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups can register as a member of the Improving Support website and start sharing their own information and resources, find best practice and research - and make contact with others sharing similar interests.

  3. 3. Will this website disappear if Capacitybuilders ceases to exist?

    Improving Support is an important resource for support providers, and civic society in general. As such the website has been designed to be fully transferrable to a new host to provide a resource with longevity for the sector.

  4. 4. How do I get started in this website?

    Register as a member of this website to start benefiting from Improving Support.

    If you are already a member, login and you can start looking for contacts and resources, and upload a few of your own.

  5. 5. Other websites are doing a similar thing to Improving Support, in specific subject areas, how does this website link to them?

    The site was developed by Unltd World, a social enteprise who also manage the SETAS and ultd world websites (which are aimed at helping improve access to social enteprise support) and links in to them (you can use one login across all of the sites).

    Capacitybuilders will also continue to work to integrate Improving Support with other sites (e.g. Big, i-volunteering and other initiatives), if you’d like to suggest a site you know of please contact us.

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