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Careers, work experience and employment

A modern phenomenon: the dynamic relationship between learning and work

Practicioners & Evidence

The importance of individuals having access to high quality careers education, work experience and employment opportunities cannot be overstated at a time of fast-moving labour markets in the UK and global economies. Raising aspirations and finding new ways of reducing the mis-match between supply and demand in the labour market are key priorities for government, employers and individuals. Contemporary themes have emerged which indicate too many young people fail to see the relevance of their studies to future work and life roles. Many young people and adults do not know how to identify or approach suitable employers, and many do not know how best to select a suitable institution or programme of study.  

A learning gallery for careers, work experience and employment related issues

Researchers and policy analysts in education and psychology are making strong links between growth in educational development and career development. There is a fast developing body of knowledge and empirical support for the proposition that students who are able to internalise the connection between school and career will be better prepared psychologically to engage fully in their educational lives. Career development and work-related issues are becoming firmly rooted in a pedagogical framework for rationalising what constitutes effective career interventions and addressing the myths and realities associated with key transition and decision points in individual's lives.

The Careers, work experience & employment online resource provides useful links to documents, networks and other practical resources and is organised under the following six key policy areas:

Each of these resource areas is being developed in association with a variety of organisations involved in the policy development and delivery of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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