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Local Biodiversity Partnerships


A significant number of local BAPs are now in existence across the whole of England. Local BAPs are a proven mechanism for focusing resources by means of local partnerships to conserve and enhance national and local biodiversity. The functions of LBAPs are;-

  • To translate national targets for species and habitats into effective action at the local level
  • To identify targets for species and habitats important to the local area and reflecting the values of local people
  • To stimulate effective local partnerships to ensure programmes for biodiversity conservation are developed and maintained in the long term
  • To raise awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation and enhancement in the local context
  • To ensure opportunities for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity are promoted, understood and rooted in policies and decisions at the local level
  • To provide a basis for monitoring and evaluating local action for biodiversity priorities, at both national and local levels.

Cotswold Pennycress

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Further information on LBAPs in England can be found in the recently published report "Natural Partners"  The Achievements of local biodiversity partnerships in England.

Local Biodiversity Action Plans

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