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About Us
Who are we?

The BIOMASS Energy Centre (BEC) is owned and managed by the UK Forestry Commission, via Forest Research, its research agency.

A steering group comprised of representatives from the biomass industry and related sectors oversee the BEC and bring with them their own expertise that the BEC draws upon.

Our aims

The BIOMASS Energy Centre aims to be a one stop shop able to provide information, advice and guidance to UK individuals and organizations - signposting to other specialised sources of advice as necessary - on a wide range of biomass fuels and conversion technologies.

This initiative has been undertaken in support of Government's response to recommendations made by the Biomass Task Force.

Future developments

Over the months we will develop links with experts in other sectors of the bio-energy industry, including waste management, and establish a comprehensive information service dedicated to biomass derived heat and energy technologies and supply chains.

Once fully operational the BEC will:

  • Act as a single point of contact on biomass providing links to more specialised sources of information, including other renewables technologies
  • Be staffed by expert advisers (contactable now)
  • Provide technical and scientific advice and best practice guidance on technologies, environmental issues and funding
  • Have a clear focus on market development
  • Link development to assessment of barriers and risks, including environmental aspects of land management
  • Help land managers to optimise benefits, including the management of woodlands to improve biodiversity while providing revenue from biomass
  • Actively engage with regional and national information providers, supplying them with core information and responding to their specific information needs.
Our relationship with the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC)

The services provided by the BEC complement the functions of the NNFCC, which promotes and advises on the whole range of non-food uses of crops.

The NNFCC has particular expertise in development of markets for farm crops that include their use for fuel and energy.  The Biomass Energy Centre and NNFCC work closely together with appropriate signposting to each others' activities.

For further information contact us at:


Telephone: 01420 526197

Fax: 01420 23450

Biomass Energy Centre
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