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Welcome to the website of the BIOMASS Energy Centre

A 'one stop shop' to provide information to anyone in the UK with an interest in biomass derived solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and associated conversion technologies.

New Report
Wood Fuel Development GuidanceWood Fuel Development Guidance
A new report, launched 9th November 2010, giving guidance to Local Planning Authorities when processing applications for wood fuel development.

The report sets out the policy context within which planning applications are considered, including the implication of the appeals process, and presents a number of relevant case studies. (PDF - 2.1 MB)

Renewable Heat Incentive Update
The suspense on whether the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) would still go ahead was finally put to an end as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review on 20 October 2010. 860 m has been allocated from annually managed expenditure, rather the original plans for a Renewable Heat Levy, however the details are yet to be announced.

The press release from DECC may be found on their web site.

We currently expect to hear the details by the end of March, and it is still intended that the scheme launch in June.

Woodfuel Suppliers Directory
Woodfuel Suppliers

Visit the pages to find suppliers of wood chips, pellets, logs or briquettes in your region. If you are a supplier and not yet on the list then visit the page, download and complete the registration form, and email it to us for FREE inclusion.

New Biomass Environment Assessment Tool from Defra and the Environment Agency available from the Biomass Energy Centre
Why not have a look at our "Woodfuel - Energy that grows on trees" video. Look here for the MP4 video format (36.9MB)
or here for the WMV video format (42.1 MB)

About the BIOMASS Energy Centre (BEC)

The BEC aims to draw together information from existing sources into one easy to use service based around this website and an information enquiry service to UK individuals, companies, local authorities and other UK organizations.

This website focuses on the various biomass fuel types that are commercially available or being researched. It provides basic information on fuel processing and supply chains, currently with an emphasis on woodfuel and heat production.

More about the BEC

To About biomassAbout Biomass
Some of the properties, pros and cons, of biomass fuels.

To Practical informationPractical
Issues to consider when planning biomass systems, production and supply.

To Technical informationTechnical
Attributes of fuel sources, processing equipment and conversion technologies.

To ResourcesResources
Useful information including publications and links.

Biomass in the UK

Northern Ireland

Biomass standards

CEN/TC 335 standards
These address all forms of solid biofuels within Europe.