In early 2008, a list of categorised priority conservation actions for the new UK List of Priority Species was published and submitted to the country groups for use in planning country implementation for the UK BAP. The spreadsheet containing these actions can be downloaded here.

A research workshop was held at Natural England in December 2008 to identify those research or one-off survey priority actions, derived from the signposting information referred to above, that could go forward immediately. Actions from the workshop that are still being worked on by experts (i.e. Suite 2 actions) should be sent to the BRIG secretariat Ant Maddock (

Read the report prepared by Peak Ecology Ltd - Mechanisms for filling knowledge gaps for Biodiversity Action Plan Species (January 2009) and download the underpinning spreadsheet (BRIG-BRAG BAP workshop Appendix) which captures views of the workshop on how research and one-off survey actions from Signposting might be ranked, and in some cases grouped, for further consideration.

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