Resilience Unit

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 designated the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) as a Category 1 Responder as listed in Schedule 1 to the Act.

With the burden of Civil Contingencies work increasing, with a growing emphasis on exercises and the identification of new risks, the Resilience Unit has been created.

Mission Statement

To provide policy, advice and guidance  to the Maritime and Coasguard Agency to ensure that it meets its obligations and responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

The Unit will:

  • monitor and measure the MCA's performance against the Civil Contingencies Act
  • advise and support MCA staff in discharging their Resilience function
  • be prepared to respond to Major Incidents to provide support and guidance on Integrated Emergency Management
  • interpret Central Government guidance on Resilience matters
  • engage with Central Government Departments and the Devolved Administrations
  • give strategic direction to the MCA

Unit Structure and Contacts

Sophie Turner

Specialist Lead

Tel: 023 8083 9638

Mike Stephenson

Head of Resilience

Tel: 023 8083 9644

Kate Bailey

Specialist Support

Tel: 023 8083 9634

Murray Milligan

Regional Resilience Coordinator
(East of England Region)

Tel: 01304 218506T

Barrie Evans

Regional Resilience Coordinator
(Wales and West of England Region)

Tel:01792 365304

Iain Campbell

Regional Resilience Coordinator
(Scotland and Northern Ireland Region)

Tel:01224 597930