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Regional Strategies

Integrated Regional Strategy Evidence Base

Integrated Regional Strategy Evidence Base

Evidence documents have been produced by Yorkshire Forward as part of the development of (what was to be) the Integrated Regional Strategy, also known as the ‘Yorkshire and Humber Strategy’.  They have benefited from significant and valuable partner input. 

Yorkshire Forward was working jointly with local government (chiefly via LGYH) and sub regions on the Strategy, and evidence work on the six main themes the Strategy was to cover were split between Yorkshire Forward and LGYH.  The evidence here pertains only to those themes Yorkshire Forward were leading on:  Economy & Skills, Climate Change and Environmental Resources, and Transport.  Consequently this set of reports covers the evidence base for these three themes.  

Following the formation of a new government in May 2010 there have been changes in government policy and work on the Integrated Regional Strategy has been curtailed.  Despite this, we hope these evidence documents are a useful snapshot of available evidence in spring 2010 and that they are valuable sources of information for local authorities, sub regions and other partners.  These reports will complement specific evidence in and from sub-regions and summarise key research and policy information alongside evidence from partners.  They summarise headline challenges and opportunities across Yorkshire and Humber, identifying issues to be addressed across thematic policy areas, within sub-regional areas or at the regional level.

Climate Change and Environmental Resources (CCER)

The Climate Change and Environmental Resources evidence document was led and produced by professionals working on Sustainable Development within Yorkshire Forward’s Strategy team.  It can be downloaded here.

Economy and Skills

The Economy and Skills evidence documents have been produced by Yorkshire Forward’s Chief Economist Unit. There are six documents within the Economy and Skill evidence report:




Deprivation and Worklessness

Competitiveness and Productivity

Economic and Employment Growth


The Transport evidence document has been produced by Yorkshire Forward’s Transport Team. It can be downloaded here.




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