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What We Do

Yorkshire Futures provide information and intelligence about the region, for the region, to improve decision making and better prepare us for the future. Our new website hosts research, spatial intelligence, photographs, evaluations and case studies on a variety of economic, social and environmental themes.

Our work includes:

‘Progress in the Region’ – our flagship report that tracks how  Yorkshire and Humber is performing against the other regions on key social, environmental and economic indicators.

‘Progress Live’ - which displays key Yorkshire and Humber and Local Authority indicators on an interactive map. You can choose which indicators to display and see how Yorkshire & Humber is doing compared to the other English regions and to the national average.

'Progress in Pictures' - is a longitudinal study of progress in the region through the medium of photography.

A Research programme targeting areas missed out by others. Recent reports include:

  • Applying an Ecosystem Services Approach in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Flood Resilient Development: Principles, Feasibility and Potential in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Age Matters: realising the potential of an ageing population
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Economic Impact Assessment of Faith Communities in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Top Ten Interventions to Cut Regional Carbon Emissions
  • The Economic Impact of the M62/M1 Intersection Area
  • Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Tracking Perceptions of Personal Finances
  • Personal Finances in Yorkshire and Humber –expenditure, expectations and responses to economic conditions
  • Local Area Agreement Priority Indicators in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Communities, Perceptions and Civic Participation - a survey of public attitudes
  • The Future of Yorkshire and Humber - Trends and Scenarios to 2030
  • Inequalities in Yorkshire and Humber: an assessment of the current trends
  • Learning To Succeed: new research on educational attainment in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Low Carbon Energy Capacity Review; Carbon Assessment of the Draft ERDF Programme
  • Young People in Yorkshire & Humber: Attitudes, Attributes and Aspirations
  • Regional Index for Sustainable Economic Wellbeing (R-ISEW)
  • A Guide to Consultation, Participation and Engagement in Yorkshire and Humber
  • Regional Age and Ethnicity Population Projections 2005 - 2030

The Citizens Panel which consists of over 4000 individuals across the Yorkshire and Humber who regularly contribute to surveys on key topics. Topics surveyed include: Communities, Perceptions and Civic Participation; Personal Finances and the 2012 Olympics.

The What Works database which is a user friendly facility to help look up solutions and learning points from an array of case studies, evaluation reports, research findings, and other information.

A Futures Programme to identify and explore the long term issues facing Yorkshire and Humber between now and 2050.

An extensive Communications Programme - Website, Press Releases, Insights - research summaries, Citizens Series, Policy Briefing, Yorkshire and Humber Review, E-bulletins, Online Forums, Events Calendar, occasional publications and events.

Coordinating intelligence across issues, agencies, and geographic areas including the four ‘sub-regions’ of West, South and North Yorkshire and the Humber, and the City Regions of Leeds, Sheffield, and Hull and the Humber Ports.

Providing access to a number of commercial databases. Our website allows a number of partners to access Acxiom lifestyle data through a multi-user license, subsidised by Yorkshire Forward.

Providing access to the Regional Econometric Model (REM) via our website. This contains baseline econometric forecasts of Economic and Employment data, covering: population forecasts, output, GVA, employment and skills. The REM is licensed from Experian Business Strategies on a subscription basis for partners.

If you would like more information about the work of Yorkshire Futures please get in touch...

Yorkshire Futures
Victoria House
2 Victoria Place 
LS11 5AE

Phone: 0113 394 9764




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