Code of Conduct

In brief…

We’ve created this space to for you to have fun following our mascots and help create their story on the journey to the London 2012 Games. These house rules are for your reference so everyone can enjoy themselves while they’re here.

To contribute to this site you’ll need to be aged 14+ and be a registered member (Terms of use). Please make sure your contributions are civil, constructive, relevant, suitable for any age and respectful of others. We don’t take decisions on moderation lightly, but if your contributions don’t comply with our Terms and Conditions or these house rules then they will be removed, and your account could be suspended.

Please also note that the views and work on this site are created by our community and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of London 2012.

Obscene and objectionable content

London 2012 asks all our users to keep their contributions suitable for all ages. We ask you to be civil to one another and about each other’s views, works and comments. We will not tolerate postings, content, or links that are racist, sexist, homophobic or which caricature or belittle sections of the community. We will not permit linking to or posting of any obscene or offensive language, or any content that harasses or insults members of the community. We will also not allow linking to or posting of any content which endorses illegal activity, or any activities contrary to the values of the London 2012 Games.

User names, impersonation and representation

You are not allowed to impersonate other people - either well-known people or other members of this site. Anybody representing London 2012 will be clearly identified as such.

Copyright and plagiarism

Before you upload anything to this site make sure you own the rights to it. This means that any text, images, video or sound you upload is your own creation or is legally available for you to use. This includes not uploading text or song lyrics you have copied from the internet, music used in the background of a sound clip or video or photographs and images created by another person.

If you are publishing video or audio from other people, or linking to other people, you must make sure you have their consent for you to do so.

You are legally responsible for any use of another person’s or company’s intellectual property so please think carefully about anything you may have used or linked to before uploading it to the site. If we think that you have used work that you do not have rights to, or have copied another person’s work, we will remove it from the site (link here to MP). If we are concerned that you may not have full rights to any material you post to the site we may request you to provide reasonable proof of your ownership.

Rights over your content

When you submit content to the site you grant London 2012 the right to use and re-use your content either on this site or in another form. This permission cannot be revoked so please think carefully about any comment or content you may submit to our sites. To learn more about this, please read our terms and conditions (Terms of use)

Submitting your content to this site means that you agree that London 2012 (and the organisations that will administer the legacy of the London 2012 Games) are given an option to the sole use of this content: this would prevent you giving the same use to another commercial body. However, unless you are contacted by London 2012 about exercising this option you retain ownership of anything you create regardless of submitting it to a London 2012 website.

Safe content

Please don’t link to any kind of media or executable file directly (e.g. an MP3, a video file, or an installer). If you are concerned someone has done this, DO NOT open the link, as there may be a risk of a virus. Please note London 2012 is not responsible for third party sites.

Advertising and commercial activity

We do not allow the use of this site for advertising or promotion, nor for the solicitation of donations or other kinds of money raising, whether for charity or otherwise. This applies to all forms of content (text, links, email addresses, images, videos, or otherwise).


London 2012 moderates this site for breaches of these house rules and our Terms and Conditions. We also are required to manage the volume of comments posted on individual items of content to ensure pages don’t become unreadable. We rely on the community to help us with this by reporting contributions or comments that break our rules.

As a participant of the site, and part of this community, please help us keep it suitable for all audiences. If you think that a posting or user content has broken any of our house rules, or have concerns about any comment or content, alert us using the (insert confirmed reporting mechanism here).

Find out more about how our moderation works (Moderation guidelines) or about the legal terms and conditions that apply (Terms of use)