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Tranches Four and Five

The publication of review reports and improvement plans for the Ministry of Defence, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office represent the six departments reviewed in tranches four and five of the Procurement Capability Review Programme.

Related Documents

Review reports and improvement plans for tranches four and five:

BIS Review Report (PDF, 484KB)
BIS Improvement Plan (PDF, 66KB)
DECC Improvement Plan (PDF, 32KB)

CO Review Report (PDF, 644KB)
CO Improvement Plan (PDF, 71KB)

DCMS Review Report (PDF, 535KB)
DCMS Improvement Plan (PDF, 82KB)

FCO Review Report (PDF, 495KB)
FCO Improvement Plan (PDF, 89KB)

HMT Review Report  (PDF, 482KB)
HMT Improvement Plan (PDF, 68KB)

MoD Review Report (PDF, 500KB)
MoD Improvement Plan (PDF, 1.3MB)