Ministry of Justice

Proposal on the provision of magistrates’ and county court services in London

Reference Number : HMCS CP12/10

Status: Closed - with response

Open date: 23 June 2010

Close date: 15 September 2010

Responses published: 14 December 2010

A consultation on the provision of magistrates’ and county court services in London.

Consultation paper


A total of 174 responses were received from a wide range of interested parties including interest groups, judiciary, staff, general public, professional, MPs and others. The responses have been fully analysed against the principles of the court estate strategy along with impact assessments, equality impact assessments and any further data collected as part of the consultation process.

The initial proposal was to close 11 magistrates’ courts and two county courts in the HMCS London area. Following the consultation, the Lord Chancellor’s decision is to close ten magistrates’ courts and one county court to achieve more efficient service delivery in this area.

We are also seeking views on how the courts service could be modernised to improve the justice system, as well as reduce its costs. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to the HMCS communications team.