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e-Bulk FAQs

I am interested in using e-Bulk, where can I get more information?

E-Bulk is an electronic application channel for Registered Bodies to submit CRB checks. To be considered for e-Bulk, you need to be a Registered Body submitting at least 3000 applications to the CRB per year; additionally, your systems must be developed sufficiently enough to use this application route. 

For more information on e-Bulk, please email

Will I continue to receive paper certificates?

If there is no criminal or barring information on the individual, you will not receive a paper certificate unless you have elected to continue receiving paper certificates in all cases.

Where the certificate contains criminal or barring information, you will receive notification that you must await the paper certificate.

In all situations, the applicant will receive a paper certificate.

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What are the connectivity requirements?

Electronic messages will be exchanged by the transfer of data files either using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over the Government Secure Intranet (GSi) or using FTPS (a secured extension to FTP) over an Internet connection.

For the purposes of connecting to the Criminal Justice System Exchange the MoJ require compliance with the industry standard ISO 27001.

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Will I be able to track e-Bulk applications?

Yes. Each e-application will be given a unique e-reference number so as an e-RB, you will be able to track the progress of electronic applications via the existing On-line Tracking service.

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How often can I send batches of e-applications?

Batches consisting of no more than 50 applications can be submitted by you on a daily basis.  More than one batch may be submitted per day.

Batches of application acknowledgements and results will also normally be returned by CRB to you on a daily basis.

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What other technical and non technical documents will be provided?

  • Interface specification documents – these define the details of how to use the interface provided for use of the e-Bulk service in terms of the sequence of actions, the interface connectivity and message delivery protocols to be used, the interface message format definition and rules, and message integrity assurance.
  • Non technical documents – these describe the procedures, requirements and selection criteria concerned with rolling out the e-Bulk service to Registered Bodies and provisioning them for use of the service.
  • Agreements – these collectively set down the agreement between the CRB and the e-RB governing the use of the e-Bulk service, including terms and conditions of use, agreed procedures and the relevant responsibilities of each party.

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Are applicants notified of receipt of their application by CRB when submitted over e-Bulk?

No. An acknowledgement of receipt is sent only to the RB indicating either CRB’s acceptance or rejection of the application.

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How do I obtain copies of the business criteria that determine who can become an e-RB?

The documents referred to are internal CRB project documents. These documents are subject to review, correction and adaptation as the project develops. In view of this the CRB does not see any merit in giving them a widespread circulation.

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Will certificates still be issued in the current paper-format?

Certificates will be issued to applicants in the current paper-format whether the certificate contains any information or not. As an e-RB, you will receive an electronic result and will be informed to await a paper copy if the certificate contains information.

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What safeguards have been built in to ensure that Umbrella Bodies still have a role to play?

The role of the Umbrella Body should not change; the information will still have to be verified and the identity will still have to be checked and authenticated. The CRB will still only accept applications that have been sent via a Registered or Umbrella Body.

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I already have a system where I can electronically overprint the CRB paper application form, will this work with e-Bulk?

The CRB has not produced, tested, licensed or approved any of the various over-writing packages, and these have not been included in the consideration of the service.

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