Zip it, block it, flag it

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) was launched in September 2008 in response to recommendations made by Professor Tanya Byron in the Government commissioned review ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’.

In March 2010 Professor Byron published a progress review entitled “Do we have safer children in a digital world?'.

UKCCIS brings together over 170 organisations and individuals from government, industry, law enforcement, academia and charities, including parenting groups and children and young people themselves to work in partnership to keep children and young people safe online, for example, by raising public awareness of how to enjoy the internet safely.

In February 2010 the Council launched a new behavioural code called 'Click Clever Click Safe' in which the key messages 'zip it, block it, flag it' encourage children to keep personal information safe, to avoid opening links and emails from unknown senders and to tell someone they trust if they encounter anything online that upsets them.

Documents and guidance are available to download from the associated resources of this page.