The GherkinCan we have prosperity without growth?

The SDC's report on Prosperity without Growth? is now out.  

This is the outcome of a 2-year research project on "redefining prosperity", looking into the question of whether economic growth can be sustainable.

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We have also brought out, A Sustainable New Deal, a report on the immediate economic situation facing the Government as it prepares its Budget and works on its Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy. Our report is intended to complement the longer-term global outlook presented in Prosperity without Growth?

Economic crises are opportunities to restructure and rebuild for the future. We propose a targeted stimulus package for maximum impact, focusing on six priority areas:

  • Upgrading existing housing stock
  • Scaling up renewable energy supply
  • Redesigning the national grid
  • Promoting sustainable mobility
  • Low-carbon investments in the public sector
  • Skills for a low-carbon, sustainable economy

However these proposals need to be seen in the context of the more long-term perspective provided by "Prosperity without Growth?" Returning to "business as usual" is not our aim – we want to see the response to the current crisis helping to create the foundations for a new path of economic development, sustainable development.

There is also an economics component to other parts of SDC’s work. This is reflected in many of our publications, some of which are listed below (others can be found on other pages).


Prosperity without Growth? - The transition to a sustainable economy

A Sustainable New Deal

SDC response to Questionnaire for the Major Groups on Experiences, Success Factors, Risks and Challenges with regard to the Objective and Themes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development October 2010

Memo on NATA Refresh (2008)
SDC has contributed to the Department for Transport's rethink about how it appraises proposed road and other transport schemes.

Evidence to the Commons Environmental Audit Committee (2006)
SDC contributed to the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into environmental taxation and the economics of climate change.

Evidence to the Stern Review on the economics of climate change (2007)
SDC made proposals on corporate reporting requirements, in response to a consultation carried out by the Department for Trade and Industry (now BERR).

Memo on corporate reporting (2007)
SDC was asked to present evidence to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee.

Analysis of the Scottish Government’s Budget and Spending Review
Written evidence to support oral presentation to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee 4th December 2007.