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Miscellaneous RDS publications

Independent report

Crime Statistics - An independent review

(internet only)

Occasional Papers
Detailed research papers on various Home Office subjects. Average length 100 pages.

Crime Reduction Programme - Guidance Notes

RDS Practitioners Guides

Assessing Prisoners for Home Detention Curfew: a Guide for Practitioners - Practitioners Guide 1

Aspects of Crime

Aspects of Crime: Young Offenders 1999 (internet only)
Aspects of Crime: Children as Victims 1999 (internet only)

Evaluation of the victims of trafficking pilot project – POPPY Summary findings (29.9.05)

Review of Crime Statistics: A discussion document (2000)

Conference Report: Listening to the evidence: the future of UK resettlement (pdf 532kb)

Community Support Officer (Detention Power) Pilot:
Evaluation Results

Central Government Funding of voluntary and community organisations, 1982/83 to 2001/02 (17.11.04)

Problem-solving street crime: practical lessons from the Street Crime Initiative (pdf, 900KB) (30.11.04)

Catching up with crime and sentencing (pdf)

Reading between the Lines: An evaluation of the Scientific Content Analysis technique (SCAN) (Full report)

Reading between the Lines: An evaluation of the Scientific Content Analysis technique (SCAN) (Briefing note)

Tackling religious discrimination (pdf)

Animal Procedures Committee Report on the Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals in Great Britain 2005 (pdf)

Active Communities: headline findings from the 2003 Home Office Citizenship Survey

Active Communities: Initial Findings from the 2001 Home Office Citizenship Survey

Home Office Citizenship Survey 2003 Technical Report (pdf)

Home Office Citizenship Survey 2001 Technical Report (pdf, 2MB)

Review of Crime Statistics: a discussion document (2000)

Report on the consultation on the Review of Crime Statistics (2000)

The views expressed in these reports are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the Home Office (nor do they reflect Government policy)

For general Home Office enquiries, please call the switchboard on:
020 7035 4848

or Email:

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