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Business crime

The Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) is a source of information on crime against small and medium-sized retail and manufacturing premises in England and Wales. The CVS was first conducted in 1994 with the second being conducted in 2002 (with some small methodological modifications). The scope and methodology of the CVS is currently being reviewed with a view to potentially running a new survey in the future.

The CVS includes crimes which are not reported to the police and so is an important alternative to police records. It helps to identify those most at risk of different types of crime, which helps in the planning of crime prevention programmes. The survey also provides an important measure of concern about, and perceptions of, crime and anti-social behaviour and their effects on businesses, as well as levels of reporting to the police and crime prevention.

The findings from the CVS complement those of the British Crime Survey, police recorded crime figures and the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey. Taken together, these sources provide a better picture of crime in England and Wales.

The police recorded crime statistics do not have a specific category of ‘business crime’.  The offences included in the series are those as defined by statute. Examples of offences which could be deemed to be ‘business crimes’ are robbery of business property and fraud by a company director.

Guidance for practitioners

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