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Climate Change: A Rural Opportunity (2) news items

  • Climate Change: A Rural Opportunity

Rural communities are living on the frontline of climate change both in the delivery of our renewable energy needs and managing changes in land use.

Planning and Housing in Rural Areas (29) news items

  • Planning and Housing in Rural Areas

Planning in rural areas is about balancing the many demands on, and needs of, rural communities.

Rural Coalition (1) news items

  • Rural Coalition

The CRC is enabling and advising the Rural Coalition, headed up by Matthew Taylor.

Rural Transport (37) news items

  • Rural Transport

There is widespread recognition that rural transport is not meeting the expectations of many rural residents – particularly the young, the old and those on low household incomes.

Upland Communities (7) news items

  • Upland Communities

England’s uplands have special significance for their contribution to rural economies and their key role in landscape conservation, recreational activities, biodiversity, heritage and water management.