The RFA awards one Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates (RTFCs) for every litre of biofuel supplied under the RTFO.

RTF Certificates are not physical objects, and cannot exist outside the the RFA system. They can be traded amongst ROS account holders through a simple procedure. The RFA does not support, monitor or facilitate any of the commercial elements of the transaction, only the transfer of ownership of the certificates. Traders and brokers who have expressed an interest in dealing in RTFCs are listed here.

Certificates may be revoked if the RFA finds that inaccurate or fraudulent information was provided in the application or subsequent requested evidence.

Certificates are used by obligated suppliers as evidence of meeting their obligation. Once an obligation period has finished, the RFA calculates the obligation of each obligated supplier. They are then asked to either redeem certificates or buy out of their obligation.

Certificates may be used as evidence of meeting an obligation either for the obligation period for which they were awarded, or for up to 25% of an obligation in the following obligation period.

Last Modified: 05 Nov 2009

Last Modified: 8 Mar 2010