Local services

This section describes Ofsted’s inspection of children's services.

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Children’s services assessments

In December 2009 we published the outcomes of the new annual children’s services assessments, which looked at performance in 152 local authorities in England for 2009.

The annual children’s services assessment is a wide-ranging and robust assessment of the outcomes for children and young people in every local authority area which is strongly based on the evidence from inspections. It provides an overview of each council’s performance in relation to children’s services for which they have strategic or operational responsibilities (either alone or in partnership with other agencies) and the difference they are making to children’s lives.

In 2009 Ofsted's inspection and regulation contributed to the wider assessment of local authorities for local people under the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), which ceased in May 2010. The 2009 reports can be accessed via the Audit Commission's Oneplace website.


Local authority Link HMI

In September 2009 we introduced the role of local authority Link HMI. This role provides a personal point of contact with Ofsted for local authorities. It offers the opportunity for discussions with senior managers in local authorities on recent outcomes from Ofsted inspections. It also enables local authorities to update the link HMI about any local issues relating to care, education and skills.