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You are eligible to apply for Gender Recognition if you are:

Things to consider before applying for Gender Recognition

If you are successful in your application for Gender Recognition, the law will recognise you as having all the rights and responsibilities appropriate to a person of your acquired gender. A successful application may affect some aspects of your life. These could relate to matters such as your pension entitlements, your benefit entitlements or your marriage.

The Gender Recognition Panel is aware that some applicants living overseas face difficulties with the evidence needed to satisfy the Gender Recognition Act 2004, especially the requirement to submit medical report/s by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered Practitioner. To alleviate this difficulty, the Gender Recognition Panel is prepared to consider, on a case by case basis, reports by a GMC registered practitioner practising in the field of gender dysphoria who has read the medical report/s by non-GMC medical practitioners and is able to confirm the information and opinion contained in the report(s). This does not affect the statutory requirements for reports from 2 registered medical practitioners in support of applications.

Guidance for married people of those in a Civil Partnership: Section 4(3) Gender Recognition Act 2004 requires the panel on considering an application for a Gender Recognition Certificate to issue an interim and not a full GRC where the applicant is married or a civil partner. The reason for this provision is that if the marriage is not terminated or the civil partnership ended the issue of a full GRC would have the effect of creating a same sex marriage or opposite sex civil partnership which are not allowed under UK law.

It is recognised that some couples do not want to end their existing relationship on the grant of a full GRC. They would need to end their existing marriage or civil partnership on the issue of the interim certificate and then enter into a new civil partnership or marriage, as appropriate, on the granting of the full GRC.

Note With the exception of the Presidents Guidance Note No 1 document (see "Other Guidance and Information"), this website provides general administrative guidance. Only the panel considering an application can decide what evidence is required in a particular case. Any documentation or other evidence stated as required on the website to support an application is the basic requirement and the panel may, in an individual case, require additional documentation or evidence.