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About Advice Services Alliance

Our Aims

The Advice Services Alliance (ASA) is the umbrella organisation for independent advice services in the UK. Our aims are to:-

  • champion the development of high quality information, advice and legal services;
  • ensure that people are not denied access to such services on account of lack of means, discrimination or other disadvantage;
  • encourage co-operation between organisations providing such services;
  • provide a forum for the discussion of issues of common interest or concern to advice organisations.

Our Members

Full membership of ASA is open to national networks of independent advice services in the UK. Our current full members are:-

  • adviceuk
  • Age Concern and Help the Aged
  • Citizens advice
  • Citizens advice scotland (CAS)
  • DIAL UK (the disability information and adviceline service)
  • Law Centres Federation (LCF)
  • Scottish Association of Law Centres (SALC)
  • Shelter
  • Shelter Cymru
  • Youth Access

Other organisations concerned with the provision of advice and legal services are affiliated to ASA as associate members.

Our Work

ASA hosts forums, seminars and conferences on behalf of its members. We produce regular mailings, written briefings and guidance, and respond to government policy initiatives in the advice and legal services field. We also undertake policy and development work in agreed areas, largely focussing on issues relating to:-

the role of the advice sector and its relation to other legal services;
planning and funding of advice and legal services;
quality and standards of advice and legal services;
methods of delivering advice and legal services.

Our current priority areas are:-

  • legal services policy, including, in England and Wales, co-ordinating advice sector involvement in the legal aid scheme and the Community Legal Service (CLS);
  • practical support to advice agencies in England and Wales applying for or operating legal aid contracts and the CLS Quality Mark - this is provided through our CLS Support project;
  • civil justice policy as it affects advice agencies and their clients;
  • work on quality and standards of advice, with the aim of promoting best practice and developing a consistent and rigorous approach to quality by providers and funders of advice and legal services - ASA is heavily involved in the development of the CLS Quality Mark;
  • work to develop awareness of alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration and ombudsman services, and to provide support and guidance to advice agencies on the use of such services;
  • the development of legal information services delivered on the internet, undertaken through our Advicenow project.

Our Management and Funding

ASA is a company limited by guarantee and is managed by a Board of Directors whose membership is nominated by the national advice networks. Our activities are financed by the subscriptions of our members with additional funding, currently from the Legal Services Commission, the Community Fund and the New Opportunities Fund.

For further information about ASA contact:

Advice Services Alliance
6th Floor, 63 St Mary Axe,
London EC3A 8AA
Telephone: 020 7398 1470 (admin) email: info@asauk.org.uk

The Advice Services Alliance is a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No: 3533317, registered office as above.

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