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In the Advicenow handpicked search you can find the web's best information on the law and rights. We've gathered together information from over 400 UK websites, checked that it's accurate, up-to-date, and covers the issues that are important to you.
If you have a law-related problem or want to know more about your rights, don't wade through endless internet pages. Just type a word or phrase into the Advicenow search box. We'll present you with a choice of hand-selected, quality-checked results.

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This service is funded by the Legal Services Commission and our information is also available via Community Legal Advice at Community Legal Advice.

From fast facts and top tips to detailed leaflets and step-by-step guides there's something to fit everyone.

The information covers England and Wales. The law for Scotland and Northern Ireland can be significantly different.

How to use our Internet search

Either select a topic from Browse all topics , or type a few descriptive key words into the search box and press Enter or click 'Search'. The search is not case sensitive.

For example, type “tax credits” into the search box and click on 'Search'. The results in the left-hand column will provide a list of web pages dealing with this issue. Each entry will contain the title of the page; its web address (URL), a description of the page written by Advicenow, and the name of organisation producing the information together with their web address. If you click on one of these links, it will open in a new window. Each of these links is checked for accuracy and helpfulness every 6 months.

The right hand column of the search results will contain information on these topics from Advicenow.

If the word you used in the search falls within more than one topic area you will be given a summary of each of the relevant areas. Click on the most relevant topic to see the list of links on that issue.

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