Selection Day

If shortlisted, you will be invited to a Selection Day, which may consist of an interview or an interview and role-play. You will be asked to give examples of how you have demonstrated the qualities and abilities required.

You will be advised of the following by mail in advance:

  • the date and time;
  • the location;
  • the format of your selection day; and the 
  • Selection Panel members.
Arriving at the venue The Candidate Services Team (CST) will meet you and will look after during your visit. 


Interview Panels usually have three members: a Panel Chair, a Judicial Member and an Independent Member. If the Selection Day involves role-play the Panel may have an additional Judicial Member. 

Supporting information regarding interviews is available here.

A role-play usually simulates a Court or Tribunal environment. You will be asked to take the role of  a Judge. These exercises assess how you would deal with situations you might face if appointed. A role-play gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the required qualities and abilities and how you maintain your performance under challenge and pressure.

Supporting information regarding the role-play is available here.

Panel report
Panel members assess all the information about each candidate (application form, references, role play if applicable and interview) and agree which candidate(s) best meets the required qualities. The panel chair then completes a report providing an overall panel assessment. This forms part of the information presented to the Commission. It is the Commission that decides which candidates to recommend to the Lord Chancellor for appointment.

Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse travel or any other expenses relating to your attendance. We are prepared to make exceptions to this rule to help people with a disability. We will consider other applications for assistance in limited exceptional circumstances.

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