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About the Upper Tribunal judges and members

The Lands Chamber judges and members decide certain disputes concerning land, particularly the valuation of land. They hear cases under many different Acts of Parliament and statutory instruments. They determine disputed compensation in compulsory purchase and certain other types of land compensation cases and they hear appeals from Valuation Tribunals, Leasehold Valuation Tribunals and Residential Property Tribunals. The judges and members also consider applications to discharge or modify restrictions on the use of land and deal with a range of other types of cases.

List of Upper Tribunal judges

Senior President of Tribunals
Sir Robert Carnwath CVO

Chamber President, Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

Lands Chamber judges

Lands Tribunal members


The Lands Chamber Registrars, Donald Scannell and Stella Rozanski, are responsible for the case management of all Tribunal cases other than those allocated to the special procedure, which are managed by the judge or member assigned to hear the case. The Registrars issue directions to the parties to prepare their cases for hearing by the Tribunal judges or members and decide interlocutory applications such as applications for extension of time. The Registrars conduct case-management hearings and detailed costs assessments. In restrictive covenant applications and applications under the Rights of Light Act 1959, the Registrars decide what notices of the applications are to be given, to whom, when and by what means. An application can be made to the Chamber President to reconsider an order or direction made by a Registrar.

Administrative staff

Our office staff deal with all the administrative aspects of the appeal, reference and application process, including correspondence and telephone enquiries. However, they are unable to offer or give any legal advice.

The office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The contact details for the Lands Chamber are:

The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
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