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22 September 2010

Urgent guidance from the Deputy Chamber President (HESC) regarding references made under Section 68 (7) PDF download icon (21kb)

July 2010

Message from Paul Harris Head of Secretariat regarding TSMH Listing Procedure Consultation Exercise PDF download icon (65kb)

24 February 2009

Nursing Reports: Advice to Panels from Regional Tribunal Judges

1. Does the actual author of the nursing report have to attend the hearing or is another health professional acceptable?

Yes if at all possible, though we must recognize that the shift patterns of nurses may at times render this impractical. Where for a good reason it is not possible for the report author to attend, to avoid delay another nurse should attend, and speak to the report.

2. What questions should normally be posed to nurses, and what questions normally should not?

As a general rule, questions should be confined to the issues contained in the report i.e. patientís attitude to treatment, current observation levels, details of any seclusion or restraint imposed upon patient, any abuse of leave, and any violent incidents. The nurse should also be encouraged to relate the positive as well as any negative feature of patientís progress on the ward. Although at times it might be helpful and necessary to move outside the confines of the issues in the report, questions should always be confined to the nursing aspects of the patient's treatment. It is not appropriate normally for nurses to be involved in diagnostic matters.

Prof. Jeremy Cooper

15 December 2008

Disregarding withdrawn applications

IMPORTANT Operation of section 77(2) MHA 1983 - disregarding withdrawn applications. An important notice has been issued by the Chamber President and the Regional Tribunal Judges concerning reference in s.77(2) to applications withdrawn in accordance with the rules made under s.78. Please click here to view the notice.

01 April 2008

Parking at Farnham Road Hospital

Farnham Road Hospital is having car park barriers installed from 07/04/08. Tribunal Members arriving in cars will have to drive up to the barriers and state their business before being allowed in. Due to the installation of these barriers, if the car park is full there will be no parking available to panel members and Tribunal clerks and the Tribunal has been informed that the nearest parking available will be a public car park in Guildford centre which is approximately 10 minutes away. The hospital are trying to arrange reserved parking spaces for members/clerks and will inform us when they have a system set up, but we wanted to make you aware that parking will not always be available on site. Can all those affected please arrive with plenty of time in hand in case of problems.

31 March 2008

Relocation of MHRT to Leicester

The final phase of the transition to relocate MHRT to Leicester takes place on Monday 17th March.

Teams 4 and 5, the Midlands, North East London, Lincolnshire, Cambs, Herts & Bedfordshire work will transfer to Leicester on Monday 17th March.

There will be no MHRT operational staff in London and the London office will not have telephones or faxes from this date. Post should only be sent to the Leicester office at the address below. Any post sent to the London office after 20th March will not be retrieved.

Contact details

Mental Health Review Tribunal
PO BOX 8793
5th Floor
LE1 8BN.

DX 743090, Leicester 35.

New look Mental Health Review Tribunal website launched

The MHRT website has been re-designed to fit in with the rest of the Tribunals Service family of sites. The aim of the new design is to make it easier for customers, members and legal representatives to navigate to the information they require.

We are always looking for ways to improve our sites so if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to pass them on to us using the Tribunals Service Feedback Form.