HMICA closed administratively on 31 December 2010. The Public Bodies Bill will be the vehicle for formally abolishing the Inspectorate in 2011.

If you have an enquiry about HMICA please use the general contact details for the Ministry of Justice but please note that the Ministry will not be able to answer detailed questions about the inspections that HMICA previously undertook

HM Inspectorate of Court Administration (HMICA) was created in 2005, as a result of the Courts Act 2003 as amended by the Police & Justice Act 2006.   Sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, its remit, as an independent statutory inspectorate for courts administration in England and Wales, was to:-

In addition the Police and Justice Act 2006 required HMICA to work with other Criminal Justice Inspectorates to look at the end to end justice process and  improve the experience of all people who use or work within the justice system.

HMICA was not enabled to inspect person(s) making judicial decisions or exercising any judicial discretion.

HMICA contributed to improvements for users of criminal, civil and family services provided by HMCS and, by invitation, the Court Service in Northern Ireland and the Military Court Service.  This website provides copies of its inspection reports and those of the organisation’s predecessor, the Magistrates’ Court Service Inspectorate (MCSI).

For more information about the Inspectorate, see

HMICA An Introduction: Who we are, what we do

and HMICA Strategic Plan 2009 - 2012.