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First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)

Change of Lodgement Address

We are undertaking a fundamental reorganisation of the work done within our Support Offices. This will ensure that processing is more efficient and streamlined and provides better customer service. The next step in the reorganisation is to formally change the lodgement arrangements for correspondence and appeals.

This change will take place from Monday 2nd August 2010

More details about these changes

Changes to Customer Enquiry Line opening times

From Monday 18th October 2010 the Customer Enquiry Line (0845 6000 877) will close at 5.00pm.

On 15 February 2010, Immigration and Asylum Chambers were established in both tiers of the Unified Tribunals framework created by the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. The new chambers replace the former Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

The First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) is an independent Tribunal dealing with appeals against decisions made by the Home Secretary and his officials in immigration, asylum and nationality matters.

The main types of appeal we receive are made against decisions to:

Appeals are heard by one or more Immigration Judges who are sometimes accompanied by non legal members of the Tribunal. Immigration Judges and non legal members are appointed by the Lord Chancellor and together form an independent judicial body. We hear appeals in a number of hearing centres across the United Kingdom.

This website is for the First-tier Tribunal. For information about the Upper Tribunal please visit Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). If you have an appeal already in the system and would like to know what these changes mean for you, the transitional arrangements link on the right hand side provides more information.