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Rolling registration

Rolling Registration-PolaroidThere are two ways to register to vote: either via the annual canvass where a form is sent to your house every year (except in Northern Ireland) or by rolling registration where you can fill in a form at any time of the year and return it to your local electoral office.

To find out more about the process of voter registration download our beginners guide to voter registration.

If you would like to register to vote visit

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Register to vote - information for students
This form explains the registration process for students, including info about dual registration. Includes a GB registration form.
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Who has my personal details?
This leaflet explains the full and edited registers and the choice you have to make - ideal to send out with canvass forms or to home-movers.
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Register to vote from overseas
Information leaflet for British citizens living overseas on how to register to vote.
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Register to vote leaflet
This leaflet contains a standard GB electoral registration form, as well as all the other information necessary to register. You can also download blank forms or fill them in online at
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Homemover poster
This poster advises people not to leave their vote behind when they move house. Ideal to promote rolling registration.
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Common questions we get asked
Some of the knottier questions we get asked, especially by young people, when running events.
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Rolling registration poster
A 'general' poster advertising rolling registration.
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Registration form for new citizens
This leaflet can be included in the 'citizenship pack' provided to all new citizens at their citizenship ceremonies. As well as including a registration form, it contains some specific information for new citizens.
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Apply to vote by post
This leaflet explains how to vote by post and includes a self-seal and return application form.
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Help people with visual impairments
Our tips on how best to communicate with or assist blind or partially sighted voters.

Write in plain English
How to file - producing materials using Plain English

Producing leaflets
How to file - producing leaflets

Encourage members of the Armed Forces and their families to register to vote
How to file - service voters

Work with the media
All you need to know about working with your local media.

Barnsley Metropolitan District Council: Suffragette Day
Votes for Women! Celebrating 90 years of the female franchise to encourage young people to register.

London Borough of Ealing: Local Democracy Week

Wychavon District Council: Voting…it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!
People encouraged to use their votes to build the future.

Derby City Council: Your City Your Voice
A panel game with elected members builds interest in local democracy.

Carmarthenshire County Council: Carmarthenshire Youth Democracy Project 2
Going into classrooms to educate the voters of the future - and hoping they'll pass on the message at home...

Southwark Council: citizens' day initiative 2005
Voter registration message spread at Citizenship Day.

Sefton DC: Mini Canvass
2 week registration drive.

Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board: Simplified voter registration process
Voter registration made easy for local veterans home.

Wandsworth Borough Council: Overseas voters word-of-mouth
London Borough of Wandsworth alter their renewal letter to promote registration among British citizens living abroad.

Allerdale Borough Council: Youth Engagement
Mice on the trail of democracy: a creative design competition was the perfect way to encourage participation in Allerdale...

Camden, London Borough of: Schools Question Time
Local school children attend a politics fair to get a taste for democracy.