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How we are organised

The Executive Team is the Department’s principal corporate leadership and decision-making team. It is chaired by the Permanent Secretary and consists of Client Group Directors, Agency Chief Executives and the Corporate Directors.

As part of the Government’s transparency agenda, we have published organograms for each part of the Department, for Senior Civil Service (SCS) members at pay band 2 and above, and details of staff, by grade, reporting into each SCS member together with the salary costs of each team.

Salaries for SCS members at pay band 2 and above are available.

Organisation charts

The chart for each business area shows: SCS structure, salary bands for SCS pay band 2 and above, and a grade breakdown of junior staff full time equivalents (FTE).

Senior and junior posts datasets

The high level figures align with those previously released by the Office of National Statistics.In some cases, for instance where two or more SCS members use the same budget for their costs, it has not been possible to show the number of employees who report to each individual SCS member.

The salary costs of each team shown have been calculated using average salaries. In some cases, team numbers and salary costs have been merged, for example where the team has fewer than 5 people, the salary costs have been merged with another team.


Our payscales as at June 2010 are shown below. The Department operates 3 national pay regions in addition to Specified Pay Zones. These reflect local requirements to recruit to certain positions.

Grade Pay Scale 2009 Min 2009 Max
Administrative Assistant Inner London £16,780 £17,910
Outer London £15,470 £16,760
National £13,110 £14,420
Specified Pay Zone £14,970 £16,260
Administrative Officer Band B (LI) £19,040 £21,530
Band B (LO) £17,700 £20,380
Band B (N) £15,150 £17,780
Band B (S) £17,160 £19,870
Executive Officer Band C (LI) £23,940 £28,130
Band C (LO) £22,570 £26,950
Band C (N) £20,240 £24,230
Band C (S) £22,270 £26,480
Higher Executive Officer Band D (LI) £28,250 £33,530
Band D (LO) £27,070 £32,350
Band D (N) £24,660 £29,800
Band D (S) £26,550 £31,870
Senior Executive Officer Band E (LI) £34,390 £40,440
Band E (LO) £33,110 £39,250
Band E (N) £30,480 £36,500
Band E (S) £32,610 £38,790
Grade 7 Band F (LI) £47,550 £58,070
Band F (LO) £46,450 £56,980
Band F (N) £43,200 £53,480
Band F (S) £45,900 £56,500
Grade 6 Band G (LI) £58,250 £70,720
Band G (LO) £56,970 £69,750
Band G (N) £53,360 £65,440
Band G (S) £56,450 £69,270