Ministry of Justice

Lord Chancellor warrant regulations

Reference Number : CP40/09

Status: Closed - with response

Open date: 29 October 2009

Close date: 21 January 2010

Responses published: 10 February 2010

A consultation on proposed regulations concerning the Legal Services Board's ability to apply for warrants to allow entry to the premises of approved regulators.

The warrants confer the right to enter and search the premises of approved regulators where the Legal Services Board has issued an intervention direction or where an approved regulator has had its designation cancelled.

This consultation asked a range of questions about how that power will be regulated, including what a judge should take into account in deciding whether a warrant is necessary, and whether any material should be exempt from search warrants.

Consultation paper


There were 11 responses to the consultation: from the Legal Services Board, representative and regulatory bodies of legal professionals, judicial bodies and an individual.

The responses have informed the content of the Legal Services Act (Warrant) Regulations 2010, which are expected to be laid before Parliament  in February.