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Publications and follow-up reports on our regular research programme, as well as any special projects that we initiate.

Magistrates' Court

Dedicated drug court: process evaluation

27 January 2011
A process evaluation study of dedicated drug courts, their implementation and factors underpinning the potential for DDCs to reduce drug use and associated offending.

Virtual court

Virtual courts pilot: outcome evaluation report

20 December 2010
The report presents findings from the virtual court pilot evaluation, looking at the cost effectiveness, speed and justice outcomes of the pilot sites compared to the traditional courts.

Ministry of Justice

Providing anonymity to those accused of rape: an assessment of evidence

12 November 2010
A report considering evidence relevant to the issue of whether or not to provide anonymity to those accused of rape.


Impact evaluation on the enhanced thinking skills programme

04 November 2010
An evaluation of how the HM Prison Service Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) programme impacted on the one-year reconviction outcomes of prisoners who participated in the course between 2006 and 2008.

Prisoner in cell

Surveying prisoner crime reduction (longitudinal study)

04 November 2010
Analysis relating prisoners’ backgrounds and reconviction has been published via the Compendium of Reoffending Statistics and Analysis

New bail accomodation

Investigating disclosures made by sexual offenders

14 September 2010
Preliminary findings from the first phase of research into using mandatory polygraph testing in the management of sexual offenders in the community.

Entrance to magistrates' court

Mental Health Courts: Feasibility study and process evaluation

14 September 2010
The feasibility study assessed the possibility of evaluating the impact of the Mental Health Court pilot. The process evaluation assessed pilot implementation on best practice and areas for improvement.

Statue of Justice, the Old Bailey, London

Fine payment work process evaluation

14 September 2010
Research presenting the findings from the process evaluation of the Fine Payment Work pilots.


Women specific condition pilot: an evaluation

20 July 2010
Research evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the women specific condition, as part of the existing conditional caution scheme.

young offenders painting a community centre

Unpaid reparative work pilot: lessons learnt

20 July 2010
Research identifying the lessons learnt from the implementation of the unpaid reparative work conditional caution pilot.

Courtroom chair

Court experiences of adults with mental health conditions or learning disabilities

20 July 2010
A series of reports presenting the background, findings and recommendations of a research project examining court experiences of adults with mental health conditions or learning disabilities.

Crowd of people

Public confidence in the Criminal Justice System

20 July 2010
Research presenting analysis of public confidence in the Criminal Justice system during 2002/03 to 2007/08.

New bail accomodation

Effective bail scheme: monitoring report

20 July 2010
A study analysing the data collected during the effective bail scheme pilot in Yorkshire and Humberside.


Focus on resettlement: a randomised control trial

20 July 2010
A study assessing the feasibility of using a Randomised Control Trial to evaluate the Focus On Resettlement change programme and to consider alternative evaluation methods.

Domestic violence

Domestic abuse programmes - a process study

20 July 2010
An implementation study of the delivery of domestic abuse programmes in probation areas and Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Entrance to magistrates' court

Dedicated drug court: impact evaluation

30 March 2010
A study on the feasibility of evaluating the impact of dedicated drug courts, and the difference they make to outcomes.

Courtroom chair

Evaluating judicial mediation in employment tribunals

30 March 2010
Research evaluating the judicial mediation service piloted in three regions of England in employment tribunals.

Legal book

Applying neural networks to the prediction of recidivism

29 March 2010
A study comparing the usefulness of data mining techniques in predicting the risk of violent reoffending.

law books

Exploratory randomised control trial of schema modal therapy

29 March 2010
An evaluation of the treatment effects of schema modal therapy in Ashworth high secure hospital.

Community Payback

Community Payback and local criminal justice engagement initiatives

25 March 2010
Research looking at public responses to local Community Payback projects and criminal justice engagement initiatives.

New bail accomodation

Sexual offenders risk assessment tool pilot

11 March 2010
Research on findings from the Stable and Acute risk assessment pilot used with sexual offenders in England and Wales.

three people sat around a desk

Legal services reform: baseline survey

01 March 2010
A survey of consumers' experiences of using legal services for personal matters in England and Wales before the full implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Jury in court

Are juries fair?

17 February 2010
A research report examining whether all-white juries discriminate against black and minority ethnic defendants.

Group of children

Early neutral evaluation pilot in the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal

25 January 2010
Research conducted to evaluate the early neutral evaluation pilot in the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal.

Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court

Monetary claims in county courts

22 January 2010
An analysis of civil monetary claims in county courts following the introduction of Civil Procedure Rules.


Relationship between rights and responsibilities

16 December 2009
A study examining the idea of constitutional responsibilities within the context of the current debate on a new British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.


Scoping project on no win no fee agreements in England and Wales

11 December 2009
A report defining work that can be carried out in relation to no win no fee agreements in employment tribunal, personal injury and media litigation cases.

Court room

Is the 2007 court fee remission system working?

10 December 2009
Research on the 2007 court fee remission system and examination of court users’ views and experiences.

OASys computer screen

Compendium of research and analysis on the Offender Assessment System

07 December 2009
This compendium presents research and analysis conducted over a three-year period from 2006 to 2009.

OASys computer screen

Offender Assessment System and Offender Group Reconviction Scale: research summaries

07 December 2009
Summaries of research on the Offender Assessment System (OASys) and the Offender Group Reconviction Scale (OGRS), risk assessment tools used by the prison and probation services to predict reoffending.

Alcohol misuse

Evidence-based practice? The National Probation Service’s work with alcohol misusing offenders

28 October 2009
A study by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research at King's College London, examining the National Probation Service's work with alcohol misusing offenders.


International comparison of publicly funded legal services and justice systems

28 October 2009
Research exploring evidence to account for differences in public spending on providing access to justice in selected countries.

North Liverpool Criminal Justice Centre

Initial evaluation of reconviction rates in community justice initiatives

20 July 2009
A research report assessing the initial impact of Community Justice Initiatives in North Liverpool and Salford on reoffending rates.

Legal book

Assessment of the implementation of postal requisitioning in six pilot areas

17 July 2009
A report about postal requisitioning which offers an alternative to traditional charging/summons methods, and introduces a new way for the police to get a person to court, notifying them of a court date by post.

Courtroom chair

Early process evaluation of the Public Law Outline in family courts

01 July 2009
A report presenting an early stage process evaluation of the Public Law Outline in family courts

Research into enforcement of employment tribunal awards in England and Wales

19 May 2009
Research on the enforcement of awards made by employment tribunals.

Intensive help for vulnerable people: applying case management models in the justice system

06 May 2009
A review of the use of case management models to support vulnerable people in the justice system.

Access to Justice: evidence of the experiences of adults with mental health problems

06 May 2009
A report summarising international research evidence on the experiences of adults with mental health problems in the justice system.

Access to Justice: evidence of the experiences of minority groups based on ethnicity, identity and sexuality

06 May 2009
Research report reviewing evidence on the experiences of minority groups in the justice system.

Training and regulating providers of publicly funded legal advice

06 May 2009
A research report on the impact of various systems of training and regulation on perceptions of the quality of civil legal advice given to clients.


Impact of bad character provisions on the courts

09 March 2009
A report on bad character applications at six court centres during 2006. The new provision provided a systematic way for bad character evidence to be admitted at criminal trials.


Enhanced Thinking Skills programme: Outcomes and implementation of a randomised controlled trial

09 March 2009
Two reports on a randomised controlled trial of the Enhanced Thinking Skills programme.

Jury in court

Public opinion and the jury: an international literature review

10 February 2009
A report bringing together findings from a number of surveys on public attitudes to juries, focusing on England and Wales but also drawing on international research.

Court room

Sentencing and its outcomes: pilot study

10 February 2009
A report on testing the viability of conducting a study of sentencing in England and Wales using administrative data.


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