Ministry of Justice

Draft Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal Rules 2008

Status: Closed - with response

Open date: 05 November 2007

Close date: 27 January 2008

Responses published: 26 June 2008

The Consumer Credit Act 2006 (the 'Act') established a new tribunal jurisdiction, the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal (CCAT). The Act made provision for how the Tribunal would be constituted for the purpose of hearing an appeal and set out its powers and procedures. The CCAT was launched in April 2008 as part of the Tribunals Service. The Tribunal took on the work of the consumer credit appeals panel which is administered by BERR.

This consultation sought views on the draft Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunals Rules 2008 that were drafted in line with the Act and current thinking and best practice within the Tribunals Service. The Rules also drew upon the advice set out in the Council on Tribunals' 'Guide to Drafting Tribunal Rules'.

Consultation paper


This paper sets out the main alterations undertaken to the draft Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal Rules 2008 as a result of both internal and public consultation. We do not consider that any of the changes made compromised the main policy aims of the CCAT Rules, which we are confident provide a fair and effective framework under which the Tribunal may operate.

The Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal Rules (statutory instrument 2008 No. 668) were subject to the negative resolution procedure in Parliament and came in to force on 6 April 2008.