Ministry of Justice

Freedom of information: statistics on implementation in central government

Statistics on handling of requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act by over 40 central government bodies, including all departments of state.

The annual statistics cover the implementation and operation of the Act 2000 in central government. The publication draws together the quarterly statistics for the year and analyses the longer-term trends.

Figures are derived from manual returns submitted by participating bodies, and cover timeliness of responses, outcomes of requests, and use of the appeal process.

Quarterly statistics 2010

Annual Statistics 2009


Statistical notice

In addition to Ministry of Justice professional and production staff, pre-release access to the quarterly statistics of up to 24 hours is granted to the following postholders:

Ministry of Justice: Secretary of State, Minister of State, Permanent Secretary, Information Director, Head of Information Policy Division, Head of FOI Policy and Strategy Unit, Head of Data Access and Compliance Unit, special advisers and the relevant press officer.

Other monitored bodies: The statistics are compiled with the assistance of freedom of information officers in each monitored body, although these officials do not have pre-release access to the final quarterly bulletin prior to publication.