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Major reports and reviews on a wide range of policy issues, as well as green papers, white papers and government responses to parliamentary committee reports on major policy reviews.

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Government response to the Crown Dependencies report

03 November 2010
The Government's response to the Justice Select Committee's report of 30 March examining the relationship between the Crown Dependencies and the UK Government.

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Memorandum to the Justice Select Committee

29 October 2010
This memorandum provides a preliminary assessment of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 published as part of the post legislative scrutiny of Acts of Parliament.

Scales of Justice

Memorandum to the Justice Select Committee: Post-Legislative Assessment of the Inquiries Act 2005

27 October 2010
The Memorandum sets out the findings of the post-legislative assessment of the Inquiries Act 2005 which reviewed how the Act is working in practice against its objectives during pasasge as a Bill.

Coroners Court

Response to comments and recommendations from the Lambert Report

26 October 2010
An update of progress made in response to David Lambert's review of operational procedures for the identification, placement and safeguarding of vulnerable young people in custody.

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Response to coroners' recommendations from Gareth Myatt and Adam Rickwood inquests

26 October 2010
An updated version of the action plan outlining the government's response to coroners' recommendations in the inquests into the deaths of two teenagers in secure training centres.

Physical Control in Care

01 October 2010
This document has been created by NOMS to train staff in safe methods of restraining young people in secure training centres.

Coroner's court

Third summary of coroners' reports to prevent future deaths

23 September 2010
Summary of reports by coroners to prevent future deaths and responses from organisations.


Responding to human rights judgments

27 July 2010
The Government's response to the Joint Committee on Human Rights' Fifteenth Report of Session 2009-10

Legal book

Claims management regulation - Impact of regulation third year assessment

27 July 2010
An assessment of the impact of the claims management regulation regime.

Forced marriage

Review of the forced marriage support pilot

12 July 2010
A report on the findings of the forced marriage Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) support pilot.