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When linking to us, we’d be grateful if you could:

If your website is aimed at the general public, you may want to consider linking to the Community Legal Advice website instead.

Sorry, we do not provide reciprocal links.

Use of LSC logos and materials from this website

Use of the logos on this site (eg LSC, CLS, CDS, Quality Mark, PDS) is restricted. Please contact us for further information.

The LSC retains copyright in all of its material placed on the site. Usage restrictions may apply. Please read our Legal Disclaimer, Privacy and Copyright Notice for further information.

All material can be copied for use by an individual or within an organisation with a legal aid account number. Permission must be sought for any other uses. Please contact us for permission for other use of copyright material, including permission to reproduce extracts in published works.


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Last updated: 16 November 2009

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