Guidance on fees and funding

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Payments on account: guidance for counsel

We've issued guidance about our review of payments on account in publicly funded cases under Documents.

Appeals Manual 2006

The Appeals Manual is under Documents.

Guidance on Prior Authorities

Guidance on Prior Authorities is under Documents.

Further payment guidance Nov 2005

Issue 49 of Focus newsletter contains guidance on:

The Funding Code: Decision Making Guidance

This guidance explains how the Funding Code Criteria and the Funding Code Procedures are applied in practice.

Read more on the Funding Code pages.

Narrative and guidance

The Narrative and guidance document contains an explanation of public funding. Topics covered include:

Costs against the Commission manual

This manual is under Documents and contains information on:

Costs assessments

Comprehensive guidance is under Documents, on this page, on costs assessments for:

Costs assessment guidance 2010

The revised costs assessment guidance applies to work governed by the 2010 Standard Civil Contract.

It does not, however, apply to work in the Family catgory of law, or to Housing work that continues under the Unified Civil Contract rather than the 2010 Standard Civil Contract. Such work remains governed by the costs assessment guidance issued under the Unified Civil Contract.

There are no changes of substance in the revised guidance. However, the transfer of assessment of remuneration in Licensed Work cases from the courts to the LSC, anticipated in 2010 Standard Civil Contract Specification, has not yet been implemented. The costs assessment guidance, therefore, confirms that the costs limits for assessment by the court or LSC remain as under the previous specification. 

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Last updated: 26 January 2011

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