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Practice Directions by Court

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Practice directions and COP rules

This section contains statutory documents produced for the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) and Court of Protection (Court). This includes Practice Directions the Court rules.

Practice Directions are directions given by the President of the Court on the Court's practices and procedures. They need to be read in conjunction with the Court Rules in order to have a better understanding of how the Court operates.

They are written in plain English although it is legal professionals who will mainly consider Practice Directions.

Practice Directions

4A - Court documents (PDF 0.02MB)

4B - Statements of truth (PDF 0.02MB)

6A - Service (PDF 0.04MB)

7A - Notifying P (PDF 0.02MB)

8A - Permission (PDF 0.03MB)

9A - The application form (PDF 0.05MB)

9B - Notification of other persons that an application form has been issued (PDF 0.02MB)

9C - Responding to an application (PDF 0.02MB)

9D - Applications by currently appointed Deputies, Attorneys, and Donees in relation to P's property and affairs (PDF 0.03MB)

9E - Applications relating to serious medical treatment (PDF 0.03MB)

9F - Applications relating to statutory wills, codicils, settlements and other dealings with P's property (PDF 0.05MB)

9G - Applications to appoint or discharge a trustee (PDF 0.04MB)

9H - Applications relating to the registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney (PDF 0.02MB)

10A - Applications within proceedings (PDF 0.02MB)

10AA - Deprivation of Liberty (PDF 0.03MB)

10B - Urgent and interim applications (PDF 0.02MB)

11A - Human rights (PDF 0.01MB)

12A - Court's jurisdiction to be exercised by certain judges (PDF 0.02MB)

12B - Procedure for disputing the Courts jurisdiction (PDF 0.02MB)

13A - Hearings (including reporting restrictions) (PDF 0.03MB)

14A - Written evidence (PDF 0.07MB)

14B - Depositions (PDF 0.04MB)

14C - Fee for examiners of the Court (PDF 0.02MB)

14D - Witness summons (PDF 0.02MB)

14E - Section 49 reports (PDF 0.04MB)

15A - Expert evidence (PDF 0.02MB)

17A - Litigation friend (PDF 0.02MB)

18A - Change of solicitor (PDF 0.01MB)

19A - Costs in the Court of Protection (PDF 0.02MB)

19B - Costs in the Court of Protection (until 31 January 2011)(PDF 0.02MB)

19B - Fixed costs in the Court of Protection (from 1 February 2011) (PDF 0.05MB)

20A - Appeals (PDF 0.09MB)

21A - Contempt of Court (PDF 0.02MB)

22A - Transitional provisions (PDF 0.02MB)

22B - Transitory provisions (PDF 0.04MB)

22C - Appeals against decisions made under Part 7 of the Mental Health Act 1983 or under the Enduring Powers of Attorney Act 1985 which are brought on or after commencement (PDF 0.02MB)

23A - Request for directions where notice of objection prevents the Public Guardian from registering an Enduring Power of Attorney (PDF 0.02MB)

23B - Where P ceases to lack capacity or dies (PDF 0.03MB)

Court of Protection Rules

Court of Protection Rules 2007 (PDF 0.48MB)

Fixed costs in the Court of Protection (Word 43Kb)

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