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Judgments & Orders Section

Queens Bench Division Action Department, Masters' Support Unit and Foreign Process

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The Judgments and Order Section deals with the process of entering Judgments and the sealing of orders made by the Masters or Judges, recording each event on to the HCF System. It also deals with the checking & registering of county court judgments and the process of checking and issuing writs of FiFa and miscellaneous enforcements. The section is also responsible for enrolment of change of name by deed poll, registration of bills of sale, book debts, provisional damages, arbitration awards and the listing of oral examinations.


Lodging Consent Orders
When Consent Orders are sealed by the court staff, you will be requested to complete a Cancellation of PRA form (Consent Orders) form (Word, 33Kb). This form is used to confirm whether there is a hearing currently listed before one of the Masters which needs to be vacated. It is essential that these forms are accurately completed to ensure that judicial time is not wasted.


Deed Polls
If you wish to legally change your name, or your children's names, you can use the Deed Poll process, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for over 150 years.

By Deed Poll, you can officially change any part or all of your name. For example, you can change your forenames, surname (or both), add names, remove names, change the spelling of your names or rearrange your existing names. You can change your name by Deed Poll as often as you want, at any time and for any reason provided it is not for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no central register of name changes in the United Kingdom. Deed Polls are not registered anywhere unless they are "enrolled" i.e. lodged for safe keeping, in the Close Rolls of the Chancery (from 1851 to 1902) and from 1903, in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature, which is located within the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London.

Enrolling a Deed Poll provides a public record of a person's name change and since 1914 the details of the name change are published in either the London Gazette or  Belfast Gazette.

Deed Polls that have been enrolled at the Royal Courts of Justice in London remain with us for five years. After which (and going back to 1851), they can be found at the National Archives, which is located at Kew in Richmond, Surrey.

For further information about enrolling a Deed Poll, and sample forms, please read the attached guide (Word, 351Kb).


Claim forms can be downloaded from Form Finder.You will be able to complete some of them online, but you will need to print them off and post them in to us.


Cheques, postal orders and bankers drafts should be made payable to HMCS. More information on Court fees.You may also be interested in the Fixed Costs Schedule,which sets out the amounts which, unless the court orders otherwise, are to be allowed in respect of solicitors' charges together with the court fee, where appropriate.

Changes to Fees from 1st October 2007:

Filing a Bill of Sale increases to £25.

Official certificate of the result of a search for each name, in any register or index held by court increases to £40.

The taking of an affidavit or an affirmation increases to £5. The cost of each exhibit remains at £2.


Contact Details

Judgments & Orders Section
Room E15-17
Royal Courts of Justice

DX 44450 Strand

Telephone: 020 7947 6221
Fax: 020 7947 6807

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