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Chancery Chambers

Our Work | Chancery Masters | Masters' Appointments Section | RegistryOrders and Accounts Section

Our Work

Whilst trials and applications for injunctions are in general heard by the Judges, the majority of the rest of the work of the Chancery Division (outside insolvency) is conducted by the Masters (and deputy Masters) in Chancery Chambers.

The work of the Chancery Masters includes pre-trial work such as case management and other procedural applications. It also includes post-trial accounts and enquiries.

Filing of court documents may require a fee to be paid. Chancery fees are listed within the Civil Proceedings Fees Orders.
Our offices are open between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm for the payment of fees. After 4pm fees can be paid at the fees room.

The Chancery Masters are based in the Thomas More Building at the Royal Courts of Justice

The Office hours are 10.00am to 4.30pm

Chancery Masters

The Chancery Masters are: 

All applications for hearings before the Masters should be made to the Masters Appointments Section (Room TM 709). All correspondence regarding matters before the Chancery Masters should be sent to this section initially.

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Masters' Appointments Section

Telephone: Section Manager - Lola Diyaolu 020 7947 6095
                  Clerks - 020 7947 6702 / 7391
Fax: 020 7947 7422


Located in room TM 7.09 on the 7th floor, this section is responsible for:

Senior listing Officer – Doug Bell 020 7947 7717

Deputy Listing Officer – James Kelly 020 7947 6778

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Chancery Registry

Telephone: Section Manager - June Stewart 020 7947 6571
                  Clerks - 020 7947 6148 / 7785 / 7783
Fax: 020 7947 7422


Located in room TM 5.04 on the 5th floor, this section is responsible for:

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 Chancery Associates (Orders and Accounts)

Telephone: 020 7947 6531(default judgments) 020 7947 6322 (associates, orders and accounts)

Located in room TM 5.07 on the 5th floor, this section is responsible for:

The Chancery Associates are

Senior Associate : David Stevens ext:6322


 Maria Barton 020 7947 6728
 Philip Burrows 020 7947 6854
 Alan Buss 020 7947 7061
 David Butchers 020 7947 6179
 Jacqueline Grace 020 7947 6207
 Neil Kiernan 020 7947 6215
 Tim Macaire 020 7947 7219
 David Mills 020 7947 6728
 Oriana Ng 020 7947 6198
Steve Rogers 020 7947 6733
 Mark Burman 020 7947 6275
 Andrew Pooley 020 7947 6727/6258

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